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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  February 21, 2024 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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♪ ♪ tran14 that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us and thank you for making the show possible. please set your dvr. it is easy to do so you never ever miss an episode of "hannity." greg gutfeld will put a smile on your face. have a good night. [cheers and applause]
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♪ ♪ >> greg: i agree. you are absolutely right. you are right. i agree. happy wednesday, everyone. so back in 1992, when i was still in menudo, james carville, famously gave the clinton presidential campaign some advice. it is the economy, stupid. when he should have said, it is the dry cleaning, stupid. [laughter] but this year, it is the safety, stupid. which is something someone should have said to alec baldwin. [audience reacts] but from the border to disintegrating cities, america's feeling of safety and security is falling safer than the door from a 737 max. that means another lefty sacred crowd has failed.
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that the cops are the enemy, not the. >> it turns out there are bad guys out there, which is why we have prisons and we have cops. but that basic truth was obliterated and replaced with extreme opposite. a conclusion exaggerated to wild extremes by the george floyd propagandists. remember the fall of minneapolis documentary which suggests that much of the narrative around boy's death was just that, a narrative. you should have seen it coming. we did but if we spoke about it, we would be called racist. now that miss we hope is starting to unravel. so let's turn to the story of roland fryer, a renowned black economics professor at harvard. in 2016, he published an extensive study which sought to explore racial differences in police use of force. and he collected data from all over including new york, dallas, houston, l.a., and for the. here he is last week discussing those findings. >> we collected millions of observations on everyday use of force that was not lethal.
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we collected thousands of observations on lethal force and it was in this moment, 2016, that i realized people lose their minds when they don't like the result. yes, we saw some bias in the low-level uses of force every day pushing up against cars and things like that. people seem to like that result. but we did not find any racial bias in police shootings. >> greg: so to his surprise, he found no racial bias in police shootings. but despite those valiant millions of observations and data points had that was an inconvenient truth that people cannot handle. >> i had colleagues take me into the site and say, don't publish this. you are -- you will ruin your career. i said, what are you talking about? i said, what is wrong with it? do you believe the first part? yes? do you believe the second part? well, it is there's the issue is
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they don't fit together. i said to them, if the second part showed bias, two i should publish it then? and i said, yes, then it would make sense. and i said, i guarantee you i will publish it. >> greg: someone is going to be sitting alone in the school cafeteria. [laughter] he was told not to publish it because it did not fit the narrative. but good for him. he did it anyway and the backlash was so bad, he says he had to have police protection for 40 days all because he told the truth. and a few years later in 2019, came the fallout. he was suspended for two years and his lap shut down after being accused of verbal transiting misconduct and fostering a hostile working work environment which he denies. and who handed that suspension? the dean of faculty at the time, claudine gay, the woman who would go on to become harvard's president but resign after she
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failed to condemn anti-semitism on campus and that she plagiarized most of her work as well as ripping off earl. [laughter] but in a beautiful moment, fryer was asked about claudine gay last week. >> she said this in a letter to the economics department at the time. professor fryer exhibited a pattern of behavior that failed to meet the expectations of contact within our community. and was harmful to the well-being of its members. the totality of these behaviors is a clear violation of institutional norms. so i guess i want to ask, do you believe in karma? [laughter] >> i hear it is a mother [bleep]. >> greg: we believed that but it is a term that means people who have sex with their moms or as the last calls and maternal attractive persons.
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maybe with gay's downfall, he gets the last laugh but not before his reputation gets trashed, by marrying a guy like fryer, the message was clear, do not [bleep] with the narrative or you will be destroyed. admits that all comes to racist killers and black men could continue and most people that the police protect would die. this denial of the truth on public safety still rages on. in kansas city, after the shooting of the super bowl celebration, that resulted in the death of a young mother and the wording of 22 others, kansas city's mir, quinton lucas, was more pissed off about the governor using the word slug to describe the shooters. it was a racist dog whistle, which makes no sense. if it was a dog whistle, we would see these ladies come running. stop it. stop at. but really, it can't be a dog whistle if all of us can hear
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it. and says something about the mayor of a city where dozens of people are shocked who is more concerned about the feelings of the shooter than the words used to describe them. no wonder our cities are more dangerous then carpooling with tiger woods. sorry. meanwhile, outside boston, officials at a high school have asked for the national guard to be deployed to control school violence. that way teachers can devote more time to banging their students. [laughter] but you can bet most of those teachers are the same people who were calling trump racist when he was talking about putting the national guard at the border. in chicago, the crime is so bad that bullets are now an optional topping on their deep dish pizza. but now that migrants have joined in with four of them arrested for robbing and strangling a man on a train. if only they were wearing maga hats, the other networks with cover them. subway crime is up 22% for the a
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year. and a record number of nypd cops were hurt on the job last year. 1200 of them injured in struggles with suspects in the last three months alone. so thanks to a phony narrative run amok, it is not a physical war on the cops themselves. from a gang of migrants attacking two nypd officers in times square, to illegals attacking cops in shelters. these scumbags have not been in our country for 5 minutes and they are already acting like democrats. [laughter] and so as the nypd reports, a new record number of cops injured on the job, no matter -- no border cops are resigning at a record-breaking pace. of course, in a year, the democrats will brag incessantly about the dramatic decline in injured police. but upon closer inspection, it is because there's no, left to injure. [cheers and applause] >> announcer: period! >> greg: let us welcome tonight's gas.
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he knows the quickest way to a man's heart, restaurant tour, andrew gruel! she is known for her sports and her reports, outkick host charly arnolt. ladders avoid walking under her for bad luck. fox news contributor kat timpf. [cheers and applause] and his rings are on loan from saturn. author and comedian and former nwa world champion, tyrus. [cheers and applause] tyrus, i go to you are first for no reason at all. >> tyrus: [bleep] u. >> greg: i go to you for one reason mainly because i think you have two reasons. i think you have something in common with this guy, fryer, because you have to say the
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truth even though you know that if you go in another direction, it would be safer for you. >> tyrus: monetarily wise, yes. sleeping would suck. >> greg: yes. >> tyrus: let's take color out of it, which is hard to do if you are a parent because in america we have come down to the two things. we are either a truth seeker and that is hard because it takes a lot of work. it takes time. you have to investigate everything. everybody tells you something. you have to say, oh, okay, that is. and then when you get all your information together, then you will have an informed and educated response -- actually, it is that people who are making bad mistakes with police officers not necessarily a certain skin tone. but that is the truth seeker and he is fine with the fact that he is going to lose -- he is not black and more. he is uncle tom. he is all this. but all he is is a truth teller because what we have become, our parents. and parents can't stand truth
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tellers. what a parent does, it just mimics what it sees and what it is told. when i see a headline, police kill black people, police kill black people? and it is so easy because all the excuses in my life and everything, it is not my fault. are not responsible for my bad behavior. i just stepped out of the house and these racist cops will come get me. i'm special. are in danger. i need to -- so that is the real thing, whether -- he is a truth seeker. i never cared -- i never gave a damn. no other man is going to tell you what color i am. that is the problem and with social media, the tiktok, politicians, they just want parents and that is -- to be a true seeker, you got to do your homework. where we are -- you would think we are in the caribbean, there's so many parents. stop being a parent. someone tells you something
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happens, investigate it. it took a long time. the truth came out and lo and behold, it turns out human beings are awful. [laughter] >> greg: it is true. well done. [applause] andrew, i love this story because we rarely get karma. but the fact that claudine gay was the one that totally screwed him over and that she loses her job, i think they should make him the new dean. >> andrew: i love it. isn't it funny that claudine gay is behind episode? it is like in a "scooby doo" episode when they pull the mask off. it is claudine gay again! >> greg: do people eat parent? >> tyrus: they should. >> andrew: the thing is, let's zoom out on this conversation and actually applied what we are seeing to every single conversation in america. we are in those you know what you think about gaslighting and it is the first sign of a
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domestic abuse or. we are in an abusive relationship with the media complex and you have the parents or the stupid people and stupidity is defined as somebody who sees it in real life in front of them but yet they still believe the lie. so you got to do your own research and you got to come up with your own conclusions. stop being gaslit because if everyone excels -- tells you that foam on food taste good, it tastes like aerated grease and chemical cleaner. so that is my culinary element. >> greg: i never assumed the foam trend. it is not a sauce. it is just something. i feel like i'm eating shaving foam. >> andrew: it is bidenomics. ars telling you era. >> greg: charlie, have you ever assumed a certain position and then you read and a year, oh, my god, i'm wrong? and if so, doesn't it feel kind of good? >> charly: when you say assume a position, i feel like my whole
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life i grew up not recognizing race. i played sports my entire life, had teammates of all different walks of life. i never saw skin color. you were my teammate. you are my friend and even in sports when you are reading some of the headlines like the new head coach of the patriots, he says if you can't see color, then you have a problem. but then you look at the flip side with crime, you are not allowed to see color. for example, we talked about the crime in new york city. there was recently a suspect who made an attack on a man on one of the subway platforms. and you could clearly see his face. he had no mask on. he was caught on surveillance camera. yet there was a description of the crime stoppers website underneath the picture where you could clearly see his skin color and says the suspect described as a man, 40 to 50 with a medium build and a beard. no mention of his race, which would probably negate a lot of other suspects. but they still felt so, you know, intent on not putting the race in there because they do not want to come off as races
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that the nypd effectively cannot do their job. >> greg: i wonder if i become a suspect, what with the approximate height be? >> tyrus: i would imagine 245 to 4.6, 70 to 95 pounds. [laughter] probably hiding in a backpack. [laughter] >> greg: i love this story that claudine gay was the one behind this. it is basically ruining the guy's life and now she is gone. that to me is the real beauty of this. what say you, tenth? >> kat: i think it is really sad and part of the reason we can never get things solved is because if there's ever a problem, there's two sides and then you go even further in your own side instead of actually looking at statistics for what they are looking at the problem for what it is, maybe working together because criminal justice reform is something that
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i have always had an interest in and there's a lot of legitimate discussions that could be have about accountability for police, about nonviolent crime, victimless crimes, about making sure people are informed of what their rights are in an interaction with a police officer. of course what happened instead of having any sort of conversation about those things, it became all cops are bad and you had to go this -- and so we miss this opportunity where now we're going to see the pendulum. i have been saying this for years, swinging the other direction where we are going to have people who are calling for -- i worry draconian measures in terms of this and i think that no real human being feels that way. i think every human being understands that they like to be able to feel safe on the subway for example and just the traffic in this city alone, it is a lot worse than it used to be and i think that alone kind of tells me what i hear from a lot of people, they don't feel as if on the train. i think that it is really sad that just a man partisan purity,
7:17 pm
it keeps us from solving problems and i think we're going to see this happening and we are seeing this happening in a lot more areas than just this one. >> greg: and has hurt people like me who go on the subway to make people uncomfortable. there's nobody there for me to just awkwardly stare at. >> tyrus: they just got to look down. [laughter] this has been a black history month. [laughter] >> greg: up next, hunter's lawyers going for broke when they say it ain't coke. sibly ime of the intestinal lining. serious allergic reactions and an increased risk of infections or a lower ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms, had a vaccine or plan to. liver problems may occur in crohn's disease. control of crohn's means everything to me. ask your gastroenterologist about skyrizi. ♪ control is everything to me ♪ learn how abbvie could help you save.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: hunter snow did everything he could but does not include grains of wood? is big hunter's lures smith -- filed court documents arguing that what appears to be lines of cocaine in a picture, see that,
7:22 pm
are nothing more than lines of innocent sawdust. [laughter] yeah. can you believe that? i have a few kilos of colombian pine i would like to sell you. here's a closer look at the p pick. come on. you see in that mayor's reflection three distinct lines of some kind of powder. i have to admit it does look a little different than the 50,000 other pictures we have of hunter's drugs. hunter's attorneys argued that they mistook those lines as below when it is really sawdust. because who does not neatly arrange their sawdust in three perfect lines? [laughter] what, did hunter hire charly sheen to renovate his bathroom? [laughter] [applause] the photo was used as evidence in hunter's felony gun case and speaking of guns, how soon before hunter's lawyers also claimed that the gun in question was actually a novelty lighter?
7:23 pm
[audience reacts] but here is where hundred's defense gets even more preposterous. his attorneys claim that the picture was actually sent to hunter by the then psychiatrist. he said it was tsongas center to him by a carpenter who also was a. >> emily: addict. i think i had the same guy remodel my kitchen. they claim to represent the picture was sent was to convey that mr. biden could overcome any addiction. so you get that, a coke addict comforter snapped a picture of it, e-mailed it to hunter's psychiatrist who send it to hunter as inspiration to overcome addiction. this story is totally unbelievable, much like everything we have been told about the biden family. frankly would have to be on drugs to believe any of this stuff. but then again it could be true after all who could forget the time when an embarrassing video of me surfaced on the internet?
7:24 pm
no one still believes that i was giving the heimlich maneuver to a donkey. [audience reacts] >> tyrus: it was because you were holding his little legs so tight. i get it. >> greg: andrew, it is almost so preposterous that on almost rooting for him. this is like the steps involved to explain this that makes your head hurt. >> andrew: and i'm a father of four so i have heard a lot of lies. look at 2024. we have been shapiro and now we find out paul bunyan is hunter's drug dealer. this is an opportunity to talk about sawdust because there's a problem in america. did you know that most shredded cheese is tossed in cellulose, which is sawdust. americans are using shredded cheese in a way that is harming our wallets. you can great your own cheese. and make america grate again.
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[cheers and applause] >> greg: although clever pun there with the grates. yeah. you did some work today. charly, what if this is true, are you buying it. >> charly: you mentioned colombian pine. that look more like pure mahogany. i'm not sure if i'm buying the sawdust, that whole excuse. the people who are buying it, they have bigger problems than we probably realized. but the thing is on the subject of cheese, remember years ago, hunter biden also said that he had smoked parmesan cheese that he found in the carpet of the crack house that he was residing in with that random woman. so who knows? maybe he really was snorting sawdust while he was high on other drugs? stranger things have happened in hunter biden's life. >> greg: you know, kat, how did
7:26 pm
he get the psychiatrist to do this? >> kat: the whole thing, that this guy is a carpenter, you don't understand, he was sent to him from a guy who was building something and there was some hijinks in the shop. who send you the photo, to in that to amanda taylor? think about it. is it the carpenter? or is it like the combination of an episode of home improvement and some episode from kimn allen's wikipedia page? if you know, you know. >> tyrus: it is really because of client confidentiality. he can't speak. of course, everything is filtered through the psychiatrist. much like that cheap wood right there. listen, o god, i always feel like i'm telling on the brotherhood every time i do t this. god, i hate black history month. okay, look, men are -- greg, you
7:27 pm
kind of know this. we put that signals out when we want the fellows to do something. apparently somebody was planning sent out the bat signal. there's three lines for everyone. bring your wood. is going to be a party. so that is what that was. that was the bat signal because at least one of the guys and the crew had a wife. i'm not saying it was me. i'm just saying that when your friends try to help you escape these so-called wingmen scott mason you random pictures that are like, it is like a puzzle. you know? like a crushed beer can with a track with an applebee's way in the back. during beer in the truck, we will eat at applebee's. don't tell my wife. so that is all -- they were just solving, remember that old tv show where you solved the
7:28 pm
jigsaw? that is all. you keep sending these pictures. eventually you will see a random steel pole somewhere. >> greg: yes. >> tyrus: probably some legs, a body bag, some zip ties, a pistol and a child's daycare. are not solving it. >> greg: you are a colombo. up next, is gen z full of jerks who blow off work? [cheers and applause] d card. earning on my favorite soup. aaaaaah. got it. earning on that éclair. don't touch it, don't touch it yet. let me get the big one. nope. -this one? -nope. -this one? -yes. no. what? the big one. they're all the same size. wait! lemme get 'em all. i'm gonna get 'em all! earn big with chase freedom unlimited. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. when i first learned about my dupuytren's contracture, my physician referred me to a hand specialist. and i'm glad he did, because when i took
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♪ ♪ >> greg: thank you. gen z, i don't think it is required to show up when you are hired. you may have heard of ghosting where you abruptly stop communicating with someone without explanation. some people experience ghosting more than others. [laughter] the practice is common among gen z and they have started doing it with employers. a new survey found that 93% of gen z years admitted to skipping out on interviews and 87% said
7:33 pm
they even accepted a job offer only to not show up for their first day of work. it should be noted this study is from the uk so none of the jobs were for dentists. [laughter] cheap shot. the kids claim that bailing helps them feel in control of their careers. no surprise their flaky flights of fancy have left businesses are struggling to hire people. plus, without a job tying them down they can spend days doing what they do best, nothing, which raises an interesting question. how do you have a career if you currently blow off job interviews? maybe it is actually kind of smart. when you prefer that someone who actually wanted the job not show up at all and happy that you just dodged a bullet. a perfect space person who blows off their first day on the job is probably someone you don't want working for you. it is the kid's los when you think about it. he ends up missing the first day of orientation. that is.-- when my staff learns
7:34 pm
about their benefits. when i model robes. yeah. yeah. charly, are you gen z? >> charly: i'm not gen z. i am a millennial. >> greg: you know what is funny? the date says it can prevent ghosting with a higher salary. >> charly: i can see that. i will take the job. >> greg: do you think this is unique to gen z years? >> charly: i do, but it is a reverse the trend because i identified myself as a millennial. i remember being ghosted by some of the jobs that i applied for it when i graduated. i remember replying for a job as a reporter. there's only two reporters in the whole area and it was a fox, abc, and cbs rolled into one. i never got the interview. when i look at the past that gen z is headed down now, i think about the ease of it all, they
7:35 pm
go to college. they can fail college classes and have it wiped off their transcript in some cases and future employers will never know. they could probably get their student loan debts wiped out by joe biden and then they graduate only to pull off the employers who are trying to give them a golden opportunity. so i imagine if they are treating potential employers like this, what they properly. is probably their significant others like. never let me date a younger man, please. please. [applause] >> greg: i feel the same way. [laughter] >> tyrus: i don't know, i'm on the fence. [laughter] >> charly: i will take what i can get at this point. >> greg: kat, on the other hand, it is not like you owe these people anything. they can fire you at any moment. >> kat: yeah, i don't think it is easy to be gen z either. the lip injections alone.
7:36 pm
[laughter] more time and pain than i'm willing to put in clearly. i also just think it is they just missed that the part of the job that is good is the part where you get paid. >> greg: yeah. >> kat: i don't know why you would put in all the effort to go into a job interview, putting yourself to that to not does even conmen, they ghost you after they have your money. >> greg: right. >> kat: but that is like an important part of it. >> greg: yeah. >> kat: like, what did you get? are you just addicted to the thrill of the scam? i think people don't understand what a career is. a career has to be something where you make money and millennials don't do this because they are worried that ghosting would ruin their career which i can relate to as a millennial. it is a lot of anxiety. i worry if i don't say something that i should have something and if i said something that it was wrong. which is weird that i talk for a living. >> greg: that is true. you don't have that problem
7:37 pm
here, that is for sure. maybe they are addicted to job interviews. you get free coffee and water. >> tyrus: why are we being nice about this? it is not even a generation thing. i'm x and we have got a ton of more on's in our group, too. and some of them we have to call in-laws. [laughter] you know the one who always has the get-rich-quick scheme and all the stuff from bitcoin. he just needs your money to unlock it. at least have the decency to be a nigerian prince. the problem is this younger group and i have watched this go down this weekend with my kid. everybody thinks they are famous. so when they -- the accountability. and i want to explain. you decided you want a job. you got up before 3:00 p.m. you did some form of grooming.
7:38 pm
ubered to of the job interview which you stayed up all night practicing their lies of how you were not a lower than c grade student. you went to that interview and they were dumb enough to give you a job. you went home. you bragged about it. yyou are doing your thing and then you -- [phone ringing] and then you -- i just killed one of my kids on my phone. and then you -- where was i? and then you wait for your first day to go on your tiktok or facebook and say, ghosted the job today. burn. for four people to tell you are so brave. you are such a badass. when i was coming up, we had these funny things like keeping the light bill on because generation x parents when they
7:39 pm
were asked for money for, they usually do what i did with my phone, click. >> greg: andrew, did this happen at your restaurant business? they are very promiscuous with their careers. >> andrew: and with their time. this happens every single day. we got job postings, buzzers, bartenders, dishwashers and every single day we get ghosted. we have done a doctor's office policy where we take your credit card before the interview and if you don't shut up, we charge $100. but to get into some of the psychology behind this, the reason these people because somebody ghosted for a job interview and we reposted the job four months later. i reach out and was like, you ghosted the first interview. they were like, no, it is social anxiety. i did not know how to interact. come in, let's have the interview. they have now been working for us for two years. they truly did have social
7:40 pm
anxiety because everyone is on their phone and they don't understand how to interact with people. >> greg: and that person is morgan freeman. and they are now the inter interviewer. [laughter] >> tyrus: morgan freeman. >> greg: i don't no, i just like saying that. transfer. >> tyrus: i can't wait for black history month to be over. >> greg: older shows are all the rage in the streaming age. yoe you can get directv — the good stuff — and you don't need a satellite dish? oh, i used to love doin' my business on those things! you're one sick pigeon. them dishes kept the rain off our beaks! we just have different priorities is all. satellite-free directv... never thought i'd see the day. well, our lifespans are quite short... stream directv without a satellite dish. i'm going to do this thing with my neck, just for a bit.
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7:45 pm
so why are viewers turning into old shows in record numbers? perhaps they are nostalgic for icon eras that will remind them of how simple things used to be, before you could be accosted by a dangerous homeless guy. life made more sense than when girls were girls and men were men, as the all in the family song went. [cheers and applause] and back when bill cosby was america's dad. don't let him talk you in. [laughter] >> oh, boy. >> greg: kat, do you watch old shows? do you watch any shows. >> kat: i watched reality tv. and the older seasons are so much better. because the first of all, it is because before they make money and they are actually just it is before it could be an influencer, like 2010 era reality tv is so good. the first seasons of vanderpump
7:46 pm
rules. they don't make team moms like they used to. but they started firing people for being bad people. that is why i'm watching this. >> greg: this is why -- >> kat: i want to see -- like, you know, i don't want to see that. i want. i want to see your life on fire. >> greg: we want more chazz from the bachelor -- chads from the bachelor. >> tyrus: and now people are trauma dumping on the lead for two hours. >> greg: you can't do celebrity big brother. it is so boring. andrew, i went through all the columbus episodes from the '80s. you don't get lectured. >> andrew: it is like if you are chain watching murphy brown or the golden girls.
7:47 pm
everyone watches these old shows because they were not afraid of stepping on these social or cultural landmines. now they look at it and they are like, oh, my god, kevin james absence fascism. we watch booey in my -- poo in my household. it is a cartoon dog. >> greg: -- >> andrew: bluey. it is a cartoon dog. and apparently they all had drug habits. >> tyrus: what they are doing a shakedown. >> greg: i'm guessing murder she wrote all the way. >> tyrus: i'm out of murder she wrote episodes. so i made it. i watched all the old stuff because it is just better. even the extras we are good actors. go watch a show from the census. everyone went to cambridge or had some acting credentials. always a dramatic scene and for some reason it was always hot
7:48 pm
and sweaty. >> greg: monica miller is a perfect example. >> tyrus: i watch all of my old classic wrestling stuff on the streaming thing. for example, i was talking like we always do things like you got a movie. i went back and i watched chinatown as an adult and i was like, holy [bleep], there's incest? now the only history is trying to figure out the genetic background of each after that should not be on tv and making sure they have one for each group accou accounted for. >> greg: charly, i do know what your old era is. >> charly: i would throw it back to 2007, gossip girl, backstabbing, scandalous.
7:49 pm
so i loved watching these rich kids snorting sawdust, right? but then they tried to reboot the series on hbo max and like you said, checking all the boxes, d.e.i. front and center. and has anyone seen gossip girl here? your kids watch it, i do know. they tried to reboot. he was the most egotistical womanizer. he was horrible. he was great to watch. in the reboot, they put him in as a sensitive bisexual. they completely ruined it. >> greg: oh. up next, what was going through his brain to get a tattoo this insane? [cheers and applause] ♪ with fastsigns, create factory grade visual solutions to perfect your process. ♪
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fastsigns. make your statement™.
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here's why you should switch fo to duckduckgo on all your devie duckduckgo comes with a built-n engine like google, but it's pi and doesn't spy on your searchs and duckduckgo lets you browse like chrome, but it blocks cooi and creepy ads that follow youa from google and other companie.
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and there's no catch. it's fre. we make money from ads, but they don't follow you aroud join the millions of people taking back their privacy by downloading duckduckgo on all your devices today. >> announcer: a story in five words. >> greg: machine gun kelly goes black. kat, rapper and rocker machine gun kelly revealed a new all-black tattoo, including his nipples. what say you? >> kat: i thought he was so hot for the longest time for years and then i heard him talk. >> greg: yeah. >> kat: no longer. that is all it took.
7:54 pm
>> greg: he reminds me of one of those ducks from the exxon valdez. just want to hold him in my arms and scrub him. you know. harris, you are the expert. you are covered in cats. >> tyrus: i am no expertise in dumbass tattoos. this whole story is stupid. he has a man bun and calls himself machine gun kelly. so now he is not irish anymore? and unless i missed something, we don't come in "blurple" and when he fades, he is going to look like one of those old scantron tests. so enjoy that. but this is what he does. he is running out of them [bleep] to do to himself to get people to say, wow, he is not that talented. you should have learned your lesson the first time you messed with eminem. >> kat: it looks like a crop top
7:55 pm
from forever 21. >> greg: i would know. >> tyrus: but he is still sponsored by locals only. >> kat: i want to rub some vaseline on him and see what it looks like. that is what comes to mind to me. >> greg: interesting, charly, disturbing. andrew, you're going to like this. what is going -- okay. we have a breaking news. we have a cake! we have a cake! [cheers and applause] it is -- it is powers' birthday. [cheers and applause] >> tyrus: thank you. it is always nice when your candles cost more than your cake does. i'm getting old. >> greg: andrew, what is a good birthday cake?
7:56 pm
>> andrew: i hope it is made of machine gun kelly's tattooing. >> tyrus: you want me to make you eat it? >> andrew: machine gun kelly is now a number two pencil. >> kat: it is interesting that you are a pisces. >> greg: i don't know. only women would understand that. >> tyrus: because i'm so aggressive. we are supposed to be dreamers to be dreamers. we are good liars, though. >> greg: we got to move on. enjoy the cake. >> tyrus: no silverware, no plates. [laughter] this has been a black history month, people. [laughter] >> greg: don't go away. we will be right back. ...there are places you'd like to be. like here. and here. not so much here. farxiga reduces the risk of kidney failure which can lead to dialysis. ♪far-xi-ga♪
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